These photos were salvaged by Peter Wooster when Reuters Canada shut down its operations in the Exchange Tower in Toronto. There are four groups of photos:
A] Mainframe hardware at E.T.((two images)
B] 3705 and Alpha hardware at E.T. (two images)
C] CAI LSI-2 boards owned by Peter Wooster which he has photographed. (two images)
D] English (London and Oxford) Alpha installations of various sizes
E] Continental Alpha installations of various sizes

I have created five different index pages for the benefit of those with limited bandwidth connections. I have provided hasty incomplete captions for the Toronto pictures. Any help in identifying mystery component would be appreciated.

A] Mainframe pictures

Amdahl 470V6 and 470V8 at Exchange Tower. An air conditioning unit is visible to the right of the windows. Right Amdahl cabinet is 470V6 power distribution unit. 470V6 CPU is to the right and not visible in this image.

The desk height white cabinet in the foreground held a Data General mini-computer which controlled the Amdahl 470 in certain circumstances such as IPL and diagnostics.

The two clocks affixed to the ceiling above the V6 PDU display EST and UTC.

Memorex 3670 and 3650 Disk Drives. The five rows in the back are Memorex 3650 fixed disks. A sixth row of 3650s is visible to the left end-on. Three rows of 3670 removable disk drives are shown (first row is viewed from the rear). I assume the 3670 drives are 3670-II double density models (200mb per disk).

Three large air-conditioning units are barely visible in the photo. At the extreme left lower corner, a dark vertical panel is part of an A/C unit. The front of another is seen at the rear of the room. The end panel of a third A/C is on the right in front of the first 3670 row.

To the left of the first 3670 row is a cabinet of electronics. Perhaps this is control unit for that row of 3670 drives. Right foreground device in unidentified. In the upper left corner is a stack of unused floor tiles towers above the end-on 3650 row.